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1Password 8 on the Mac brings a big redesign



1Password 8 on the Mac brings a big redesign
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After releasing the Windows version of the new 1Password 8, 1Password is also demonstrating the Mac version of the upgrade, which is now ready to try in early access today.

1Password 8 for Mac, like the Windows version, has a new design that seeks to make it clearer when objects are shared, who they’re shared with, and better labeling of groups in the sidebar.

There’s also a new search bar that offers suggestions as you type (much like Apple’s Spotlight or Alfred), as well as an upgraded version of Watchtower, which provides a thorough review of your password security.

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Finally, the new software revamps the editing window, which includes a “new password generator, smart suggestions, and simpler file attachments,” according to the business.

1Password 8 appears to be a substantial update, and users must sign up for the early access build to try it out today. The instructions are here, however, you’ll need to delete the old 1Password 7 app first and then install the new one. While the flashy new features and design appear to be enjoyable, 1Password 8 is solely intended for testing and validation and is not fit for business-critical applications, according to the company. As a result, you might not want to utilize it for anything critical just now.

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