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4 reasons to still choose a Windows laptop over Mac



Windows laptop
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The M1, which has since been improved by the M1 Pro and M1 Max, has completely altered the Mac. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are now the most efficient and feature-rich laptops available. In many areas, Windows laptops have struggled to compete in 2022.

Even if your business or software of choice forces you to, there are plenty of reasons to still choose a Windows laptop over a Mac.

1. PC gaming

The most obvious incentive to continue with Windows is gaming, and it’s an area where the platform has a complete monopoly. Despite the hype surrounding the M1 Max’s graphical capabilities, Apple does not appear to be interested in following in the footsteps of the M1 Max for the MacBook Pro. There’s even a 120Hz screen on it! However, there aren’t many AAA games available for the Mac. And, unless you count what’s in Apple Arcade, there aren’t many games that can take advantage of all that visual capability.

So, yes, Windows has a sizable gaming platform. Depending on your goals and budget, there are also a range of gaming laptops to pick from. The Razer Blade is a high-end gaming laptop that doesn’t flaunt its gaming roots but still delivers great performance.

Meanwhile, less expensive choices like Predator or ROG focus solely on gaming, both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

However, the greatest advantage of gaming on Windows is having access to all of those games regardless of which laptop you possess. You might opt for a Surface Laptop Studio or Dell XPS 15 for content production and productivity, but you can also play a few rounds of Halo Infinite on the side.

2. True budget options

The M1 MacBook Air is a fantastic value. It’s significantly more powerful than most of the $999 (or $899 with the student price) laptops on the market. You’re out of luck if you need a laptop for less than that.

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Windows laptops, on the other hand, excel in the $500 to $1,000 price range. For $600 or $700, you can obtain a wonderful budget laptop that is ideal for students and others with more basic computing demands. You probably don’t need anything with additional performance if you solely use your laptop for web browsing, word processing, shopping, video streaming, and social media.If you’re shopping on the Windows side of the aisle, there are plenty of good options that’ll save you a few hundred bucks.

3. Touchscreens and 2-in-1s

For years, people have been requesting touchscreens on Macs. And Apple has always been a stumbling block. Apart from the Touch Bar’s failure, MacBooks have left 2-in-1s and touchscreens to the iPad.

However, if you desire a laptop with a touchscreen or a more daring laptop form factor, the Windows world is full of experimenting. Touchscreens are available as a configuration option on most laptops, and they’re usually not too pricey. Laptops with 360-degree hinges, which allow for varied postures such as tent or presentation mode, are very popular. The Surface Laptop Studio, which is designed around its distinctive hinge and spinning screen, is a good illustration of this.

However, unique designs aren’t limited to 2-in-1s. There are odd laptops with two screens, such as Lenovo’s planned ThinkBook Plus Gen 3, and impending Windows tablets with folding panels. Yes, they’re niche, but if you happen to fall into that niche, they can be just what you’re looking for.

4. So many more options

The Windows platform prides itself on the number of options available, and that’s ultimately its most important strength over Mac. I’ve mentioned gaming laptops, budget options, and even 2-in-1s — but the well is far deeper than that. Want a highly repairable laptop that you can swap all the parts out for? How about a super compact laptop? Or just a laptop that hits the perfect sweet spot of all your hobbies and computing needs?

This huge web of laptop possibilities is made possible by the competitive ecosystem that exists within the Windows world. A business like Dell or Lenovo isn’t only competing with Apple; it also needs to contend with all of its Windows rivals. Processors, graphics cards, and display technologies are all in the same boat. All of this translates to more precise differentiation, more experimentation, and lower prices.

Apple strives to cover all bases and answer everyone’s computing demands with a few MacBooks and iPads. But it won’t be able to. Certain features will surely be missed, or you will be charged for ones you will never use. While it caters to a wide range of demographics, don’t be shocked if your requirements or budget fall outside of Apple’s capabilities.

It may take some time, but you’ll most likely find the perfect Windows laptop for your needs which is one of the key reasons why buying a Windows laptop in 2022 is still a great choice.

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