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Just In: T-Mobile Teams Up With BMW For The First 5G-Connected Cars In The US



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New 2022 BMW iX and i4 models that work with T-5G Mobile’s network are now available in the US, essentially allowing owners to use their cars as massive Wi-Fi hotspots. This is the first time that 5G-connected vehicles have been made available in the US.

There is an additional $20 monthly fee for adding a BMW to your T-Mobile plan that allows your car to receive unlimited data and voice calls, even if you don’t have a phone with you. (SMS, on the other hand, is omitted.) If you’re driving somewhere where T-network Mobile’s doesn’t reach, you’ll get 200MB of roaming data, as well as 5GB of 4G data per month in Canada and Mexico (once that 5GB allotment is used up, you’ll still get unlimited data at T-standard Mobile’s international speed of up to 128kbps).)

If you have a smartwatch, you know that you don’t have to deal with a tiny SIM card to connect your car to the internet. As a result of this, T-Mobile customers will be able to bring their service with them when they rent a BMW 5G-compatible vehicle while on vacation, allowing them to continue using their service even if the vehicle isn’t equipped with 5G.

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It is possible to connect up to 10 devices at the same time via T-service. Mobile’s In some ways, using your car as a mobile hotspot for $20 a month is less expensive than paying T-Mobile for a dedicated 5G hotspot. T-standalone Mobile’s 5G hotspot costs $336 upfront, plus $50 per month for 100 GB of data, whereas a BWM offers unlimited 5G data for just $20 a month, which is a significant savings. Despite this, you’ll be shelling out a lot more money for the car itself, as the base model BMW iX with 5G starts at $87,025, while the base model BMW i4 starts at $55,700.

Of course, T-Mobile and BMW aren’t the only wireless carriers and automobile manufacturers experimenting with 5G and cars. GM and AT&T are also partnering with Verizon to add support in 2024. As a result, we can expect to hear about a lot more 5G vehicles in the months to come.

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