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Amazon’s Halo Band Can Share Your Heart Rate To Other Apps And Workout Equipment



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Amazon Halo band to include the ability to exchange live heart rate data over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with third-party devices and fitness apps (Bluetooth Low Energy). For its iFit service, the company has teamed with NordicTrack, as well as Openfit and CLMBR.

Amazon halo band

Since the launch of the Halo app, users have been able to see their live heart rate under the Live tab, but linking it to other apps and devices is just as simple. You may enable heart rate sharing in the Halo app by heading to Settings, selecting Heart Rate Sharing, turning it on, and then following the on-screen directions to share your heart rate with the other app or device, according to Amazon.

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On-screen heart rate is a pretty typical feature for fitness services to motivate you while exercising and to assist explain why you may feel fatigued during a certain phase of your activity. On-screen heart rate is sometimes a feature that sells other gadgets, such as Apple Fitness Plus, which requires an Apple Watch to use features like the “Burn Bar.”

If you don’t want to be locked into a single service, the Halo Band’s ability to interact with a few others is a huge benefit. The addition of live heart rate monitoring is just the latest example of Amazon’s post-launch software support for their product. Amazon added the option to track “movement health” to its app and band in June.

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