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Just In: Apple’s iPhone car key will unlock certain 2022 Genesis and Kia models



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Kia’s Niro, the Genesis G90, and the Genesis GV60 will all include Apple’s smart vehicle keys in 2022. Apple included a key sign next to all three cars in a list on its site, suggesting support for the capability, as noted by MacRumors.

We don’t know exactly when Apple added these vehicles to the list, or whether the function is instantly accessible in any of them at this point. Because Apple and/or the auto companies have yet to make an official statement, there may be further phases in the rollout. It has been stated that since last year, Kia and Genesis have been attempting to incorporate Apple’s digital vehicle keys. Hyundai and Genesis have joined with Samsung to develop their own smartphone-based digital auto key. This will be available for use by Audi, Ford, and BMW.

According to a spokeswoman for Kia, further information concerning digital keys will be available in the “coming weeks.” The Verge’s request for response from Apple and Genesis went unanswered, while Kia refused to comment.

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While it came to Apple’s digital car keys, which enabled customers lock and unlock their vehicles by holding an Apple Watch or iPhone near the door handles or when in close proximity to the vehicle, only BMW offered support for the feature before. NFC or the iPhone’s ultra wideband (UWB) technology featured in the iPhone 11 and later, which makes it possible to lock and unlock a vehicle with your phone in your pocket or handbag, are both accessible depending on whether the automobile supports either feature. Digital keys may be used to unlock or start a vehicle remotely (if supported by the vehicle).

As part of Apple’s ongoing effort to reduce the amount of stuff you have to lug about in your pockets or handbag, the firm has developed digital vehicle keys. Now that customers in Arizona may carry their driver’s licenses and state ID cards in their Wallets, Apple has revealed that this capability will be coming to other states in the not too distant future. In addition, Apple allows guests at some Hyatt hotels to utilize a digitally saved key to open their rooms.

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