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Just In: BezoMoney Disrupts Savings Market With New Platform, BezoSusu



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BezoMoney, Ghana’s premier fintech provider of out-of-the-box financial tools and solutions for the unbanked, has introduced BezoSusu, a new savings platform for young people and the unbanked.

Users can deposit money into the site using their mobile money wallets or bank accounts, track and manage their money’s development, and eventually fulfill their savings goals. BezoSusu is part of Bezomoney’s increasing collection of products and services designed to assist primarily young people and the unbanked in making wise financial decisions and earning their way to financial independence.

Customers who want to save money can use Bezosusu to access a growing list of options and benefit from the platform’s more variety, safety, and simplicity. Automated daily and weekly contributions to your savings target, Auto Lock function, track and monitor savings goal, and a staggering 9 percent annual return rate on savings are just a few of the features. Users’ savings possibilities are additionally enhanced by the platform’s ability to accept deposits via mobile money.

“Ghana is trailing behind in offering financial products and services for the unbanked and today’s technologically savvy generation,” said Mubarak Sumaila, speaking at the launch.

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This is a massive, largely untapped market, and Bezomoney has positioned itself to disrupt it by providing a safe, timely, and simple-to-use innovative platform that allows you to grow your money with ease. Bezosusu’s entrance delivers a new innovation to the market. Bezosusu can essentially do for the savings sector what PayPal achieved for the payments market.”

Bezomoney’s world-class tech teams in Ghana and around the world have established a solid platform.

“With Bezosusu, we are offering a robust platform that is end-to-end encrypted and emphasizes the data protection and privacy of our users,” Dawuda Iddrisu, Chief Technology Officer at Bezomoney, added. Our software is extremely user-friendly, straightforward, and has a stunning user interface.“

Given the broader post-pandemic context, the debut of Bezosusu is appropriate, with many individuals trying to save and make better financial decisions.

“With the launch of our Bezosusu platform, we are reinforcing our commitment to provide a new infrastructure for Africa’s burgeoning savings market,” said Emma Tandoh, Vice President of Marketing. We also intend to work with more partners to spread our vision of upward social mobility to all young people and the unbanked.”

“Of course, today’s launch of Bezosusu is just the beginning: as we assess what customers want from time to time, we plan to extend the product offering on the platform with more features and benefits.” Our digital and physical channels will dominate our launch efforts, but we want to leave no stone unturned in order to stay visible and increase acceptance of our product,” said Adwoa A. Nyamesem, Head of Marketing.

The Bezosusu platform is the go-to digital savings platform, and it’s a whole new approach to save, grow, and protect your money. Users will need to go to to create a new account.

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