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Binance educates over 350,000 crypto beginners in 2021



Binance educates over 350,000 crypto beginners in 2021
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Binance is committed to crypto education around the world as part of its aim to improve user freedom of money, drive blockchain adoption, and enable more accessibility. The startup has given Africans free crypto education workshops on issues ranging from user protection to developing blockchain jobs.


Binance remains at the forefront of blockchain education, providing crypto beginners with resources for lifelong financial and career development through Binance Academy, a one-stop guide to all things crypto, and ongoing free crypto education classes in Africa, where crypto interest and adoption continue to grow.


The Binance Masterclass has delivered free crypto instruction to over 400,000 Africans since its launch in January 2020. Because many crypto newbies are frequently victims of bad actors’ crypto scams, the free webinars were primarily designed to educate consumers to grasp the principles of cryptocurrencies, how to spot scams and keep their crypto safe as they begin their crypto adventure.


As the global pandemic spread and many people lost their jobs, money, and were forced to stay at home, the schools shifted to teaching new skills like cryptocurrency trading and blockchain development careers.


In the first year of the Masterclass, approximately 70,000 Africans were educated by the end of 2020. Binance has subsequently stepped up its efforts, giving education resources to over 177,000 Africans in Q1 2021 and over 179,500 in Q2 2021, laying the groundwork for Africans to become financially independent and well-informed.

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“In the worldwide market, blockchain education is at the center of our emphasis.” As a blockchain infrastructure provider, we’re dedicated to ensuring that a growing number of people have access to accurate information about the ecosystem’s operations. Africa is a crucial market for Binance because we recognize the enormous potential that blockchain holds for the entire continent.” Emmanuel Babalola, Binance Africa’s Director, stated.


Binance is dedicated to blockchain developers, providing them with the tools and skills they need to build solutions and emerge as great blockchain talent, in addition to training beginners and enthusiasts.


Binance trained over 1000 blockchain developers in Africa in Q1 2021 and set aside a US$1 million budget for them. The 8-week masterclass came to a close with a demo demonstration featuring newly constructed products employing blockchain technology and developer skills learned during the session. Opeyemi Olabode, a Binance Masterclass graduate, provided the following testimonial:


“I was blown away by the 8-week Masterclass. I learned a lot both technically and in terms of business. Being given the opportunity to manage a team also allowed me to improve my leadership skills by allowing me to work with students from various backgrounds, cultures, and time zones.


My team came in third place, and the facilitators have promised us help and resources, so I see this as a huge opportunity. Finally, I was able to share what I had learned with other students, and I met some extremely outstanding developers who will undoubtedly make Africa proud.”


Binance Africa has used a variety of venues to promote crypto education and increase financial inclusion, including:

1 Newbie Walkthroughs — A webinar series for newcomers that provides an introduction to cryptocurrencies and the Binance platform, ensuring that newcomers receive accurate information on the crypto ecosystem’s workings.


2 My Binance Class — A venture that allows tutors to get compensated for their efforts in sharing crypto and blockchain information to the general public. The campaign’s purpose is to decentralize and supply quality crypto education by forming smaller learning groups.

3 Blockchain Student CornerAn AMA webinar series for students from throughout the Binance communities in Africa to learn about blockchain, cryptocurrency trading basics, and more.

4 Hackathon Workshops — The most recent hackathon lasted 21 days, and participants built DeFi and NFT solutions to address real-world problems in African systems. Savings, lending and borrowing, swaps, royalties and renting, elections, identity management, land ownership, and NFT marketplaces were among the topics covered by the hackathon’s 20 teams. As the hackathon progressed, the community participated in weekly seminars.

Binance is the largest blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider in the world, with a financial product suite that includes the world’s largest digital asset exchange by volume. The Binance platform, which is trusted by millions of people around the world, is dedicated to giving users more financial freedom. It offers an unrivaled portfolio of crypto products and services, including trading and finance, education, data and research, social good, investment and incubation, decentralization and infrastructure solutions, and more.

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