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Checkout The 6 Things You Didn’t Know The Echo Show 15 could do



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The Amazon Echo Show 15 is the largest smart display currently available. It’s a big device with a lot of capability crammed into its borders, measuring 15 inches on the diagonal. The Echo Show 15 can control your smart home, answer questions, play games, and more, just like other Alexa smart displays.

However, the features don’t end there. The Echo Show 15 has a few lesser-known, nearly buried capabilities that make it even more helpful than it appears.

The Echo Show 15 can work in both portrait or landscape mode

The large amount of screen real estate on the Echo Show 15 is ideal for watching content, participating in video chats, or perusing recipes. Mounting it in portrait mode rather than landscape mode may be a preferable option if you plan to use it as a kitchen device. You’ll be able to see more of the recipe at once and see ahead to the following steps without having to scroll — plus you won’t have to worry about potentially filthy hands touching your screen.

Landscape mode is a preferable choice if you plan to watch a lot of material or use the Echo Show 15 for video chats. It suits the 16:9 ratio anticipated of most streaming material in landscape mode.

The Echo Show 15 can let you peek in on your home

The Echo Show 15’s built-in 1080p camera doesn’t work as a security camera, at least not in the traditional sense. You can’t use it to watch for motion or receive alerts about activity in your home, but you can check in via the Alexa app to see what’s going on in front of it.

When someone looks through the camera, a message appears on the screen, so no one can check in on you without your knowledge. While a fully functional security camera would be an excellent addition to the smart display, the ability to check in on your house at any time is still a useful tool.

The Echo Show 15 can use widgets

Divide the large screen into subsections based on use to get the most out of it. There aren’t many widget alternatives right now, but Amazon plans to introduce more in the future (and maybe even allow custom widgets, I hope.) However, the widgets that are available are excellent for organizing.

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Your shopping list, preferred smart home gadgets, timetable, music suggestions, deliveries, photographs and videos, and more may all be displayed on the Echo Show 15. All of this information is available with a single tap. The to-do list and calendar onscreen can help you stay organized if you use the display in your business.

The Echo Show 15 supports picture-in-picture

The ability to watch your security cameras on the Echo Show 15 is one of its finest features. You can ask Alexa to show you the front door if your doorbell rings. While you’re in the kitchen preparing dinner, you may keep an eye on a newborn. But the fact that you can use picture-in-picture makes this function much better.

You could binge-watch your favorite show while keeping an eye on your doorbell feed in a smaller window. The baby monitor may occupy a portion of the screen while your meal recipe occupies the remainder. It’s yet another function that strongly relies on the 15-inch display.

The Echo Show 15 can act as a karaoke machine

Have you ever felt the need for a night of awful singing on the spur of the moment? Maybe you’re a natural singer and only my pals are subjected to your off-key crooning. The Echo Show 15 is a great karaoke machine in either circumstance.

Simply say, “Alexa, play [song] by [artist],” and the music will play on the screen. To see the lyrics, tap the Lyrics icon, and then you and your friends can sing along.

The Echo Show 15 can recognize you through Visual ID

If your Echo Show 15 is a family device, using only one profile to keep everyone’s calendar, shopping list, and to-do list organised can be difficult. The Echo Show 15 will display customised content based on who is currently viewing the screen by generating various profiles and assigning each one a Visual ID.

Different levels of access and authorization can be assigned to each profile. The profiles and face IDs are stored locally on the Echo Show 15, not on the cloud. As a result, the function is more secure, and you won’t have to worry about your personal information being compromised. If you ever want to turn off the feature, simply close the camera’s privacy shutter.


The Echo Show 15 has established itself as one of the greatest smart displays on the market, if not the largest, by providing all of the capabilities you’d expect from an Echo display, as well as a few surprises.

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