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Apple has announced “California Streaming,” their September 14 launch event, which is expected to usher in the iPhone 13 as well as other items such as the AirPods 3 and Apple Watch Series 7. With an all-new design, upgraded cameras, and more, the iPhone 12 was a huge step forward for the iPhone series – but if reports are to be believed, the iPhone 13 could be even better.

iPhone 13 design

The iPhone 12 series introduced significant design modifications to the iPhone, owing to the blockier form that was inspired by the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. As a result, we don’t expect many changes to the iPhone 13’s overall design and appearance — but there may be a few adjustments.

Serial leaker Jon Prosser claims to have gotten CAD renders of the impending iPhone 13 in one of the first disclosures about the device. For non-Pro iPhone models, the renders indicate a redesigned diagonal camera configuration, as well as a somewhat thicker frame to allow a larger battery. They also appear to show a gadget with a narrower notch.

Apple is expected to switch to a port-free iPhone at some time in the future, according to rumours. Apple’s choice to add MagSafe charging to the iPhone, according to many analysts, is the first step toward that transition. However, with the iPhone 13, this is unlikely to happen. While there have been reports that at least one model may be devoid of ports, and the well-known TF Although International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in 2019 that Apple would debut a portless iPhone in 2021, subsequent rumours suggest that Apple may remain with the tried-and-true Lightning port for at least another year.

Another theory floating around is that the iPhone will have a smaller notch. According to speculations, Apple planned to put a smaller notch on the iPhone 12 as part of its new design but was unable to do so, thus the modification would be made on the iPhone 13. The notch is unlikely to be removed entirely, although Ice Universe, a well-known Twitter leaker, claims that it will be shallower. According to a leak from Everything Apple Pro, the notch will be narrower rather than shallower, and Unbox Therapy has a dummy iPhone 13 Pro Max device that may reveal this smaller notch design.

Touch ID was believed to be returning with the iPhone 13. Face recognition is cool, but it doesn’t always make sense — like when you’re wearing a mask — as the epidemic has demonstrated. Bloomberg previously reported that Apple was considering an In-Display fingerprint sensor, but then noted that it was unlikely the company would deploy one this year. Instead, Apple is said to be developing a Face ID version that will let it work when wearing a mask and with fogged-up glasses. It’s unclear whether Apple will include this feature with the iPhone 13 at launch or will make it available later via a software update.

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Last but not least, the iPhone 13 may be available in a variety of colours. According to EverythingApplePro and Max Weinbach, the iPhone 13 series will be available in a matte black that is darker than the existing Graphite hue on the iPhone 12 Pro. According to other recent speculations, at least some iPhone 13 models will be available in a new Rose Pink colour.

iPhone 13 display

The iPhone 12 introduced OLED display technology to the entire iPhone 12 series, resulting in a display experience that is nearly identical across all iPhone 12 models. Apple, on the other hand, may give the iPhone 13 Pro models a new upgrade in the form of a 120Hz refresh rate in 2021.

High-refresh-rate iPhone rumours have been swirling for years, and many experts believed it might appear on the iPhone 12 at one point. However, speculations surfaced in 2020 that Apple had abandoned 120Hz panels for the iPhone 12 due to battery drain difficulties. According to the Korean website The Elec, Apple will use LTPO technology on the iPhone 13 models, allowing for a high refresh rate when needed and a lower refresh rate when not.

Weinbach corroborated this in a leak, stating that the iPhone 13 will have a 120Hz display and that it will have an always-on display, similar to what we’ve seen on some Android phones. The always-on display, according to Weinbach, will resemble a “toned-down lock screen” and will always show the time and battery status. Notifications will appear as well, however, only a portion of the screen is said to light up to display the notice. The appearance of the always-on display feature was later confirmed in a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

The ordinary iPhone 13 models are unlikely to have a fast refresh rate technology. However, it’s hoped that they’ll all get it with the iPhone 14 series.

Specifications for the iPhone 13

There aren’t many rumours about the iPhone 13’s internal specifications, but there are a few. According to Jon Prosser, certain iPhone 13 prototypes have a massive 1TB of storage, which is double the iPhone 12’s maximum capacity.

Other assumptions about the iPhone 13’s specifications can be made. The iPhone 13 will most likely employ a new Apple A15 chip, which is slated to be manufactured in a 5nm process. Apple is pouring billions of dollars into semiconductor development, with much of the focus on laptop-class processors like the M1. While it’s unlikely that the iPhone will get an M-series processor, the A-series will almost certainly get a performance upgrade and will maintain the legacy of being the most powerful mobile chip in the game. According to a DigiTimes story, chipmaker TSMC will continue to produce A-series CPUs for the iPhone 13.

When it comes to the larger battery mentioned above, a report from Trendforce (via Pocket-Lint) in mid-August claims that Apple won’t really make their iPhones thicker or heavier, instead of relying on clever engineering and circuit board design adjustments to fit a larger battery in the same size chassis. In terms of specifics, ZDNet says that the iPhone 13 Pro Max battery capacity would increase from 3,687mAh to 4,352mAh. According to the report, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 will now share a 3095mAh battery rather than a 2,815mAh battery, while the iPhone 13 Mini will ship with a 2406mAh battery rather than the 2227mAh found in the 12 Mini.

iPhone 13 cameras

The iPhone 12 didn’t get as much of a camera improvement as the iPhone 11 series, but it was still a step forward, especially with the bigger sensors and sensor-shift technology on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. According to reports, that technology will be available in lower-end iPhones in 2021. According to display specialist Ross Young, all iPhone 13 handsets will be equipped with the same sensors as the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

However, another rumour promises a different update. All four iPhone 13 models will have an ultrawide camera with an f/1.8 aperture, according to a Barclays investor report. It’s worth noting that Kuo denies this, claiming that the iPhone 13 Pro models will be the only ones with a larger aperture.

However, Kuo claims that the ultrawide camera will receive autofocus for the first time, which will be a significant boost. Kuo’s estimate is supported by a later report from TrendForce, which claims that autofocus will be included in the iPhone 13 Pro versions, but that it will be included in all 2022 models.

According to Weinbach, the iPhone 13 will place a greater emphasis on astrophotography, which will apparently be an automatic mode that the iPhone may switch to. Weinbach also claims that the iPhone will be able to record videos in portrait mode and that users will be able to tweak the bokeh effect after they’ve been recorded. Bloomberg later confirmed this information, adding that Apple was calling this Cinematic Video. Apple is also rumoured to be adding ProRes support to its video capture arsenal, a codec that enables more powerful adjustments to captured video. It’s essentially a video version of the ProRaw, which was introduced to iPhones last year and has long been a standard for creatives on non-mobile platforms.

According to other speculations, Apple may integrate a lidar sensor in all four iPhone 13 models, which would help with low-light autofocus and could play a role in future augmented reality (AR) technology.

How many iPhone 13 models will there be?

Apple is expected to match the iPhone 12’s lineup with the iPhone 13. This implies that an iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, as well as an iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, will be released. The business tested its charger on four new models, according to a filing with the Federal Communications Commission for a supposedly little upgraded MagSafe charger. According to reports from analysts such as Trendforce, the business plans to focus on the larger iPhones for promotional purposes, given the iPhone Mini’s initial sales were underwhelming.

Will it really be called iPhone 13?

According to some sources, Apple will call the 2021 iPhone an iPhone 12S, with Trendforce claiming that the company sees the 2021 series as a continuation of the 2020 iPhone 12 series. There have also been some terrible cultural connections with the number 13. However, according to a fresh claim from the Economic Daily News, which cites supply chain sources, Apple will indeed call the 2021 iPhone the iPhone 13, with a September release date in mind.

iPhone 13 pricing and release date

The phones were supposed to be priced similarly to the iPhone 12 series, but according to Digitimes, Apple may raise the price of the iPhone 13 instead to cover a recent increase in component costs from its processor supplier.

Although the iPhone 12 was released in October, Apple has a habit of releasing new models in September, and Apple has announced that the iPhone will be unveiled during a “California Streaming” event in Apple Park on Tuesday, September 14 at 10 a.m. PT. Following that, a pre-order date of September 17 and a street release of September 24 are expected. It’s also a positive sign for the supply chain since Apple is still expecting to sell more iPhones than normal, with a production run of 90 million iPhones instead of the customary 75 million.

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