Dell And Asus Brought Mixed Reality Headsets To Computex!

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Not soo long ago  Microsoft had announced partnership with a number of OEMs for manufacturing mixed reality headsets that’d work even on PCs with low specs, unlike the “Rifts” and the “Vives” . However, at that time only HP and Acer had such headsets available.
Now at this year’s Computex, Microsoft has unveiled new mixed reality headsets from Dell, Asus, and Lenovo. The headset from Dell is designed by the company’s Alienware and XPS teams, is white, and looks great. Microsoft announced that it’ll be available at an affordable price range, this holiday.
Asus’ take on the mixed reality headsets is unique. The company added some really great looking 3D polygonal design on the headset, and it comes with 6 degrees of freedom tracking. There was no mention of a release date, or a hint at the price.

Lenovo has made what Microsoft called an “incredibly affordable” mixed reality headset. The headset has built-in sensors for inside-out tracking, and features a basic design. The headset is set to be released later this year.

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