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Earphone Blast: Why It Happened? How To Prevent It? Be Safe



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We recently learned of the tragic death of Rakesh Kumar Nagar, a 28-year-old man from Rajasthan, who died as a result of an earphone explosion. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a similar incident, as there have been claims of a Beats headphone and even an Airpods explosion in the past. Today, we’re going to discuss why the earphone explosion occurred in the first place. What can you do to avoid such an incidence and keep yourself safe?

What is the cause of the incident in Rajasthan?

‘The individual was alone in the room and was using his headphone hooked into the phone, while the phone was on a charge,’ according to the statement of the Local Police Officer in Charge. What caused the explosion? It appears to be something that people do on a regular basis, whether they are travelling or at home, so what caused the explosion?

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‘While Rakesh was using his earbuds, the neighbourhood experienced an energy outage, and when services were restored, the voltage was extremely high,’ according to TV9Marathi. Because he was using cheap headphones supplied at petrol stations or by hawkers, the earphones were unable to withstand the quick change in power source and exploded on the spot, knocking Rakesh out. Dr L N Rundla, who treated him at a local hospital, ruled him dead owing to a heart arrest.

Are Earphones Harmful to Us?

Several studies and experts have concluded that if earbuds are used excessively or incorrectly, they might cause harm. We’ve compiled a list of them below:

Hearing loss

Using earphones or headphones at too high volumes might damage your eardrums and cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. A powerful vibration causes the cells in your ears to lose their sensitivity. If this continues, they will become less active, which will lead to hearing loss. In the case of generic earbuds, you should keep the sound at 70dBA or 50% loudness for optimal use.


Long-term usage of high-volume earphones or headphones might cause increased pressure in the ear canal. You will become dizzy as a result of this.

Infection of the Ears

Earphones restrict airflow, and if the ear tips are unclean, earwax development can accelerate, resulting in an ear infection.

To avoid this, avoid sharing earbuds because the germs from your ear will move to the individual with whom you share the earphones. Allow yourself long periods of time without utilizing your headphones. Also, make sure they’re cleaned correctly before utilizing them.


Loud noise can harm the hair cells in your cochlea, resulting in a roaring or ringing noise in your ear or even in your head. Tinnitus is the noise you’re hearing.


Tinnitus patients are prone to being extremely sensitive to a wide spectrum of sounds, finding many stimuli intolerable and excruciatingly loud. It’s Hyperacusis, and experts recommend that you don’t wear earbuds for more than one hour every day.

Do Earphones or Headphones cause Cancer?

A frequently asked topic is whether earphones or headphones, which produce radiation, might cause cancer. The short answer is no, a certified earphone or headphone does not cause cancer. There are government authorities and councils that have specified the safety processes that every product must follow, and only if the device passes those testing does it receive certification.

According to specialists, doctors, and researchers, the component of the earphones that receives and transmits radio waves does not sit inside the ear canal and instead remains outside. According to Ken Foster, PhD, a bioengineering professor at the University of Pennsylvania who studies electromagnetic fields, the quantity of radiation emitted by a Bluetooth earphone is about one-tenth that of a mobile phone. In fact, he advocates listening to calls through earphones rather than utilizing a mobile phone. As I previously stated, there is no risk of cancer from using Bluetooth earphones.

Before purchasing an earphone, a headphone, or any other electronic product, there are a few things to keep in mind.

These are the few items you should examine before buying an earbud, headphone, or any other electric goods to prevent such occurrences from happening again.

1. Avoid Purchasing Low-Cost or Counterfeit Products — You should avoid purchasing low-cost or counterfeit products. Because they use low-cost, low-quality materials, which can result in significant losses, as in the case of Rajasthan’s Rakesh Kumar Nagar.

2. Look for the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) mark – According to the rules and regulations, every electronic device must pass a quality check test, and if it passes, it is given a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) marking. Before purchasing any electrical equipment, you should always search for that seal to ensure its legitimacy.

3. Only buy from reputable websites – In the case of offline shopping, you may physically inspect the merchandise and check the BIS and other marks. However, because this is not possible when buying online, make sure to buy any product from a trusted and well-known platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, or similar, as these sites require the seller to fill in BIS information for the essential products. Both of these platforms currently lack a section that displays BIS numbers for products.

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