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FaceTime For Android And How To Use It



FaceTime For Android And How To Use It
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In June 2010, Steve Jobs, then-CEO of Apple, launched FaceTime at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which coincided with the release of the iPhone 4. The business FaceTime Communications, which later changed its name to Actiance, sold Apple the trademarked name “FaceTime.”

FaceTime first appeared in the Mac App Store in February of 2011. FaceTime was incorporated with Apple’s newly released iPad 2, which also has a rear-facing and forward-facing camera, in March 2011.

FaceTime gained audio-only features with the release of iOS 7 in 2013. FaceTime Audio is a function that allows users to make voice calls over cellular or wireless data networks to other users.

FaceTime on iPhone received a call-waiting function in iOS 8, allowing users to reply to incoming calls while engaged in another discussion.

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FaceTime is one of the most popular features available on Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The iOS software allows users to make High Definition video calls to other iOS users. Because of the app’s popularity, many Android smartphone owners worry if they can utilize FaceTime on their devices. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re wondering the same thing.

What is FaceTime

FaceTime is an Apple video telephony program that allows users to video talk one-on-one over the internet. Apple FaceTime requires each conversation participant to have FaceTime installed on their iOS device with a front-facing camera.

On iOS devices, as well as all Mac OS X versions beginning with Lion, the FaceTime app comes preloaded. FaceTime is available for $0.99 in the Mac App Store for Mac users running previous versions of OS X.

How to FaceTime

To utilize FaceTime, users must first open the app and check-in using an Apple ID; they can also use the device settings to sign in. By logging in, users can also register their email addresses. FaceTime automatically registers users’ phone numbers on iPhones.

To make a FaceTime call, you have a few options. Users open the FaceTime app, type in the phone number or email address of the other person, and then tap the video or audio icons. During a phone call on an iPhone, customers can start a FaceTime call by pressing on the FaceTime icon. FaceTime can also be started using the iOS Contacts app.

In the FaceTime app settings, users can also choose to blacklist phone numbers. FaceTime only supports one-on-one video calls and does not offer video conferencing or multicaller chatting.


FaceTime is only available on iOS devices and requires an Apple ID. FaceTime is available over a Wi-Fi connection on the iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini, and iPod Touch fourth generation and later. FaceTime calls over 3G and 4G networks were enabled on iPhone 4s and later, as well as third-generation and later iPads, starting with iOS 6.

The important thing to note here is that you’ll be able to use a link to join a FaceTime session, as long as the person arranging or initiating the call has an Apple device and an Apple account. If you’re an Apple user with iOS 15, here’s how to start a FaceTime call with someone on an Android or Windows smartphone.

How to start FaceTime Call with an Android or a window user

  1. Go to your phone’s App Store and download the FaceTime app.
  2. Select Create Link from the menu.
  3. A screen with the words FaceTime Link will slide up from the bottom. You may give your chat a name by clicking Add Name.
  4. You’ll see options to share the link by text, email, Twitter, calendar, or other apps on your phone on the same screen. You can as well copy and paste the link into any of your browsers.
  5. To participate in the call, tap the name of the chat you just started and then tap Join.
  6. When the Android or Windows user follows the link, they will be taken to a waiting area where they can join the call by touching the checkbox next to their name.

Ways to join a FaceTime call for windows or android users

All you need is the link supplied to you by the individual with an Apple device to join a FaceTime call on an Android or Windows smartphone. There is no need to install a separate program. Here’s how to use a shared link to join a FaceTime call.

  1. Go to the FaceTime link that was sent to you and open it.
  2. The link will open in your browser (the most recent version of Chrome or Edge is required). Tap Continue after entering your name.
  3. Until the person who invited you to join the call approves you, the screen will say “Waiting to be permitted in.”

Nonetheless, with an Android smartphone, you may make video calls to iPhone and Mac computers in a variety of ways. On Android, there are a number of excellent FaceTime alternatives. Google Duo, Zoom App, Microsoft Teams, and others are among the many FaceTime alternatives.

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