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Ghana Came Out 89th In Digital Quality Of Life Index 2021 In The World



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Ghana is ranked 89th out of 110 nations in the third annual edition of the Digital Quality of Life Index (DQL). The DQL survey is undertaken by the cybersecurity business Surfshark and analyzes countries based on a set of five essential digital wellness pillars. It covers 90 per cent of the worldwide population.

Ghana, which is participating in the research for the first time, ranks 106th in internet affordability, 99th in internet quality, 99th in e-infrastructure, 78th in e-security, and 78th in e-government (83rd).

Ghana is ranked second in Western Africa, ahead of Senegal, Mali, and Côte d’Ivoire. Nigeria leads the region in internet affordability and e-government, but Ghana outperforms Nigeria in both areas. Furthermore, broadband internet in Ghana is four times faster and two times less expensive than in Nigeria.

Ghana, on the other hand, continues to rank towards the bottom of the internet affordability ranking. Ghanaians must labour about 21 hours to afford the lowest broadband internet package, which is 3.5 hours longer than the global average.

All aspects of digital welfare in the country may be improved, particularly e-infrastructure, internet quality, and pricing. Although Ghana and Nigeria have similar GDPs, their internet quality is vastly different. Nigeria is ranked 46th in the category, and Ghana barely cracks the top 100.

Due to weak mobile internet speeds and unreliable mobile internet connectivity, the country ranks lower (14.33 Mbps, ranking 104th out of 110 countries).

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“During the COVID-19 crisis, digital opportunities were more crucial than ever, emphasizing the significance for every country to achieve fully remote operational capacities for their economy,” says Vytautas Kaziukonis, CEO of Surfshark.

“That is why we are continuing the Digital Quality of Life research for the third year in a row, which provides a robust worldwide outlook on how countries perform digitally. The score lays the groundwork for serious debates about how digital progress affects a country’s prosperity and where improvements might be made.”

Following the trend from the previous year, six out of ten countries with the highest rankings are located in Europe. For the second year in a row, Denmark tops the DQL rankings, closely followed by South Korea

Finland is ranked third, with Israel and the United States rounding out the top five of the 110 countries assessed. Ethiopia, Cambodia, Cameroon, Guatemala, and Angola are the worst five countries.

In the Americas, the United States stands out as the country with the highest digital quality of life, while in Asia, South Korea takes the lead. People in South Africa had the highest satisfaction with their digital life in Africa, while Australia leads Oceania, outperforming New Zealand in key digital categories.

The following are some of the report’s other key findings:

1 This year, broadband is less inexpensive internationally. When comparing nations included in both DQL20 and DQL21, people will have to work 11% longer (25 minutes more) in 2021 to afford broadband internet. This year, though, consumers will have to work 29% less (28 minutes less) to afford mobile internet.

2 The world’s poorest internet is also the most expensive. In other nations, such as Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, and Mali, a week’s worth of labor is required to afford the internet.

3 The most effective way to improve people’s digital well-being is to invest in electronic infrastructure and electronic government.

The DQL research for 2021 looked at a total population of more than 6.9 billion people using five core pillars and 14 supporting indicators to create a comprehensive assessment. The UN, the World Bank, Freedom House, the International Communications Union, and other organizations provided open-source data for the study.

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