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Google Calendar adds RSVP options for attending events virtually



Google Calendar adds RSVP options for attending events virtually
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RSVP: As big and small businesses figure out how they’ll go back to work in person, a hybrid work future, in which working from home is popular and expected, is becoming more a reality. To support hybrid workplaces, Google aims to increase RSVP options in Google Calendar invites in the coming weeks, allowing users to indicate whether they will attend an event virtually.

Virtual attendees will declare their status using a new drop-down menu in the event information, which the host and other guests can see.

The company believes that identifying how individuals plan to attend an event will help organizers know what to expect and, perhaps, accommodate participants who won’t be physically there. While the new choices are currently limited to Calendar invites, Google wants to expand them to include Gmail invites in the future.

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The new capabilities will not be visible to anyone who use Outlook or iCal as their primary calendar tool. The RSVP options, according to Google, are confined to Google Calendar.

It takes more than putting on Zoom (or, to Google’s joy, Meet) and going about your day to facilitate in-person and virtual work.

It’s easy to overlook coworkers, acquaintances, or students who are connecting over the internet instead of sitting next to you. Because virtual attendees are acknowledged, things like turning on video so everyone can see you and sharing information both physically and digitally may occur without a work-from-home coworker grumbling.

It also aligns with Google’s idea of Workspace as a more fluid, interoperable area for productivity, integrating products (enabling Meet video conversations to be nestled next to a Google Doc), allowing you to @ tag someone, and facilitating flexible work schedules with statuses and custom notifications.

The additional RSVP choices will be available progressively over the next few weeks, beginning on July 8th, according to Google.

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