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How to use the Apple Maps globe view in MacOS Monterey



How to use the Apple Maps globe view in MacOS Monterey
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Apple has updated its Apple Maps program in MacOS Monterey to feature a new globe view. This depicts Earth floating in space, with the ability to fast spin the world and zoom in on any spot.

It’s simple to use, however it can feel a little hidden because there’s no obvious button to press to activate it. Don’t worry; our guide will show you how to use it, as well as a few more features that will make it much more handy.


To use globe view in MacOS Monterey, you’ll need an Apple Silicon Mac. For the time being, it will not work on Intel-based Macs.

Step 1: Consider the big picture.

All you have to do to enable the global view is zoom out. You can do so by scrolling your mouse wheel, pinching two fingers together on your touchpad, or hitting the minus (–) button in the app window’s bottom-right corner. The image will shift from a flat map to a global view of the Earth if you keep zooming out.

Step 2: moving the earth

The Earth is presently floating in space. Simply click and drag anywhere on your trackpad to rotate it, or swipe with two fingers. The globe view zooms in for a closer look as you go over the Earth’s poles.

Step 3: click for more information

Important place names are evident on the map even in this far-flung view. This comprises well-known cities as well as natural elements such as mountain ranges and coastlines. Click a name to bring up a card with more information, including a brief description, a gallery of images, and a list of local Apple Maps guides.

To share or copy the coordinates of a location, click the “…” button in the top right corner. There are also buttons for displaying instructions, creating a route, and viewing a Flyover tour.

Your current location is represented on the map as a blue dot if you’ve given Maps permission to access your location. To see your address and coordinates, click it.

Step 4: Change the map type 

To the right of the location arrow, click the “Map mode menu” button in the top right corner. The conventional flat-color view is used in Explore and Driving modes, while Satellite switches to satellite imagery. The colors on the map fade as public transportation routes, such as Amtrak lines, are highlighted. This only displayed routes in a few nations at the time of publishing.

Step 5: Make use of your compass

Some extra controls can be found in the bottom-right area of the Maps window. You may use the plus and minus buttons to zoom in and out, as well as the compass to change the orientation of the view. Simply drag the compass, which may travel around 45 degrees in any direction from north, for the latter. To return to the north, let go.


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