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Huawei Cloud Ranked World’s 5th Largest IaaS Provider



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According to a survey from industry research firm Gartner Inc., HUAWEI CLOUD IaaS revenue increased by 202.8 percent, putting it among the top five clouds IaaS providers in the globe.

According to the research organization, Huawei Cloud has grown by more than 200 percent in the IaaS market for the second year in a row, breaking into the top five IaaS vendors with a global market share of 4.2 percent.

Huawei Cloud

One of the earliest vendors to invest in cloud-native technologies was HUAWEI CLOUD. HUAWEI CLOUD was a founder member and the first platinum member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) in 2015 and has contributed more than 130 essential features to the CNCF community.

HUAWEI CLOUD will have released over 220 cloud services and 210 solutions by December 2020. HUAWEI CLOUD has built over 20,000 partners, recruited 1.8 million developers, and launched over 4,000 applications in the Marketplace through technical alliances.

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HUAWEI CLOUD has enjoyed exponential growth in the cloud market since its launch in South Africa in 2019. The technological behemoth currently operates four locations in Africa: two in South Africa, one in Nigeria, and one in Kenya.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a greater shift to the cloud and a greater demand for technology enablers. As the demand for cloud services develops, we intend to increase the number of local data centres. We already service consumers in 12 countries, with plans to expand quickly as demand grows,” Stone explained. In Southern Africa, he is the new President of the HUAWEI CLOUD.

Huawei Cloud

In South Africa, Huawei’s public cloud and hybrid cloud businesses are expected to grow significantly in 2020. The Automobile Association of South Africa (AASA), which has been in existence for 91 years, is a non-profit organization that provides road safety, roadside assistance, and vehicle-related services to its five million registered users and 700,000 subscribers. They have solved infrastructure issues and decreased their costs by roughly 10% per year because of their relationship with HUAWEI CLOUD.

“Our business model has a unique approach that focuses on shared value generation with our partners and customers. Through combined go-to-market strategies, we are committed to assisting our partners in growing their businesses and strengthening their competitive edge. “Joint value generation is at the heart of our company model,” He explained.

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