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Internal Apple Survey Shows Concern About Hybrid Work Model



Internal Apple Survey Shows Concern About Hybrid Work Model
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According to an internal survey conducted by Apple employees, respondents prefer the choice to work from home and are concerned that if the firm pushes individuals back to the office, their colleagues will be forced to leave.

A total of 1,749 persons responded to the survey, which was sent out in early June. Nearly 90% of respondents stated they “strongly agree” with the statement “location-flexible working alternatives are a very significant problem to me.” “Location-flexible” was defined by employees as the ability to work from home forever.

The report follows Tim Cook’s declaration that Apple will begin using a new hybrid work paradigm in early September, requiring staff to return to the office three days a week. While the decision represents a significant shift for Apple, which had previously discouraged remote work prior to the pandemic, it is still too restrictive for some employees. Some employees will be forced to resign if they do not have the choice to work from home anytime they wish.

The survey isn’t scientific; it was sent in a Slack channel for Apple employees to discuss remote work, and only a small percentage of the company’s 147,000 employees were likely aware of it.

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However, the fact that well over a thousand employees took part in a non-Apple-sponsored grassroots poll is important. It alludes to a change in Apple’s well-known hierarchical culture.

58.5 percent of those polled stated they “strongly agree” with the statement “I am concerned that some of my colleagues will be forced to leave Apple owing to a lack of location-flexible employment opportunities.” A total of 1,743 people responded to the question. A lesser percentage, 36.7 percent, expressed concern that they will be forced to retire owing to a lack of flexibility.

On June 14th, employees sent Cook and Deirdre O’Brien, senior vice president of retail and people, the survey results.

They included a film with personal testimony from 24 Apple employees about the importance of remote working choices.

Two weeks later, Apple released a video reiterating its commitment to the hybrid approach, adding, “We believe in-person cooperation is crucial to our culture and our future.”

Some employees were irritated with the video, believing that executives had not listened to their concerns. Even those who don’t wish to work from home indefinitely agree that the corporation needs to explore more flexibility as the Delta variation grows in popularity.

While Apple encourages employees to be vaccinated, it does not require them to wear masks in the workplace, instead stating that “choosing to wear a mask in situations where precautions have been removed is a personal decision.”



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