iPhone 8’s 3D Facial Recognition Will be Fastest in the Industry

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Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 8 in a few weeks. The device is expected to come with a number of remarkable new features, such as a 3D facial recognition system.

According to a new report published by the Korean Herald, the 3D facial recognition scanner on the iPhone 8 will be able to deeply sense a user’s face in the millionths of a second.

Reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously stated that Apple’s 3D sensing technology is two years ahead of Qualcomm’s. Given the stellar track record of Ming-Chi Kuo with predictions related to Apple products, it seems plausible that Apple may equip the iPhone 8 with a fairly advanced facial recognition sensor, whose speed will be truly impressive.

The report also suggests that both the front and rear cameras on the iPhone 8 will have 3D sensors, that will play a major role in AR application. Apple reportedly wanted to use under-display fingerprint scanner on the upcoming ‘anniversary edition’ iPhone, but could not move forward with the idea due to production issues

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