iPhone 9 Or iPhone XI in 2018

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This year, tech giants Apple gave us another round of controversial but typically great devices, but the one that made the most waves in the tech ocean was the tenth anniversary iPhone, the iPhone X.

With 2018 right around the corner, and flagship-phone season rolling slowly into the horizon, many people are wondering if Apple would backtrack and release the iPhone 9 and 9 plus, or rather continue from the iPhone X onwards, leaving all OCD users of Apple tearing their hair out from the roots. Only time will tell at this point.
As part of Apple’s celebration of their 10 years of making phones, they gave us the iPhone X, not as a continuation of their usual phone releases, but rather as a magnum opus of sorts, to shows us what they are truly capable of giving their customers. From the way I see it, there would be an iPhone 9 and 9 plus next year, and maybe even a possible iPhone SE.
At this point, it’s impossible to tell a hundred percent whether 2018 would indeed bring and iPhone 9 or iphone XI, and at this point, we can only wait, credit cards in hand ready to pounce at any news.
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