Just In: DJI’s smartphone gimbal is now a selfie stick, too

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DJI has just unveiled the Osmo Mobile 5, a new smartphone gimbal with a built-in telescoping selfie stick and a telescoping selfie stick.

The OM 5 follows in the footsteps of its predecessors in terms of folding design, but with a few tweaks. This year’s gimbal is slightly smaller and lighter. Users with keen eyes will notice that the handle has been angled more acutely than before to accommodate the 8.4-inch selfie stick.

 A new button on the handle allows you to easily access some of the most important OM 5 capabilities. However, the battery life has been severely harmed as a result of the design alterations. The OM 5 gimbal is rated for six hours and 20 minutes, down from 15 hours on the OM 4.

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When DJI first unveiled the OM 4, one of the most notable features was a pair of magnetic mounts that made mounting your phone on the gimbal a breeze. However, working with a larger-than-normal phone necessitated extra effort, especially if the phone was protected by a case. DJI is currently updating the magnetic clamp to allow it to stretch even further. No, the magnets aren’t compatible with Apple’s proprietary MagSafe magnets, as they were last year.

Gimbal motors have been upgraded, and Shotguides, a new intelligent function, has been added to OM 5. The OM 5 analyzes your surroundings and provides up to 30 sets of advice and instructions for using this gimbal to film videos. After you’ve shot all of the suggested clips, DJI’s Mimo software will auto-edit them into one polished video.

The rest of DJI’s intelligent tracking features will get a performance boost as well. Face recognition and tracking have been improved in Active Track 4.0, resulting in a significantly more responsive performance.

All of the other preprogrammed shooting modes from the OM 4 — the Hitchcockian dolly zoom, inventive CloneMe Panoramas, and my personal favorite, SpinShot — are now available on the OM 5. Hyperlapse, Timelapse, and Motionlapse are among the other standard modes we’ve seen before.

The Osmo Mobile 5 from DJI will come in two colors: Athens gray and sunset white. The DJI Fill Light Phone Clamp, a $59 optional device that looks like a conventional magnetic clamp but has built-in lights to assist brighten up your selfies, is also available.

The OM 4 has been renamed to OM SE, which is the same gimbal as last year, with the same 15-hour battery life but an updated magnetic clamp, all for $119.

The Osmo Mobile 5 costs $159 right now, which is $10 more than the Osmo Mobile 4 and around $30 more than the Osmo Mobile 3 cost when it was first released. The OM 5 comes with a ring holder, clamp, tripod, wrist strap, and pouch as part of the standard kit.

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