Liberian and Ghanaian civil service leadership to collaborate with fellowships & trainings

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Ghanaian civil service leadership: Mr. James A. Thompson, Director-General of the Civil Service Agency (CSA) in Liberia, led a four-member delegation to the Civil Service Training Center (CSTC) in Ghana to deepen the Liberia-Ghana partnership.

Mrs. Dora Dei-Tumi, the Principal of the Civil Service Training Center in Ghana, sponsored the working visit, which was arranged by Emerging Public Leaders (EPL) and its sister organization, the President’s Young Professionals Program of Liberia (PYPP).

“Emerging Public Leaders realizes that civil service is the “secret sauce” to excellent government,” stated Yawa Hansen, Executive Director of Emerging Public Leaders. We are assisting civil service agencies across Africa in improving public service delivery by filling the future talent pipeline with capable and value-driven executives.”

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We are thrilled to enable cross-border learning with the OHCS and CSTC, and we respect our decades-long cooperation with the Liberian Civil Service Agency,” she added.

The conference focused on the Emerging Public Leaders and the President’s Young Professional Program’s collaborative work with each other and their respective government partners over the years.

The continent-wide cooperation assists young people by placing them in civil service and training them into ethical leaders capable of driving change in their communities and countries.


Alfred Drosaye, the CSA’s Principal Administrative Officer; Charlesetta Harris-Peters, the CSA’s Director for General Administration and Finance; and Hh Zaizay, the PYPP’s Executive Director, make up the delegation.

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