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Microsoft Finally Makes It Easier To Switch Default Browsers In Windows 11



Windows 11
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In Windows 11, Microsoft has finally made it easy for you to alter your browser’s default setting. This week, Windows 11 users have been able to change their default browser with only a single click thanks to a new update (KB5011563). The new one-click technique is now available to all Windows 11 users after being tested in December.

Windows 11 did not come pre-installed with the easy-to-use browser switcher seen in Windows 10. Windows 11 users were forced to modify individual file extensions or protocol handlers for HTTP,.HTTPS,.HTML, and.HTM, or you had to select a checkbox that was only visible when you opened a link from outside a browser, instead of Microsoft’s preferred method. Mozilla, Brave, and even the director of Chrome at Google attacked Microsoft’s choice to make changing defaults more difficult. Microsoft defended its decision.

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As a new feature, you can now search for your preferred browser and then click a box that asks whether you want to make it your default browser in Windows 11. Changing file handlers is now much easier, requiring just a single click instead of the several steps required in the past.

It’s evident that Microsoft has taken into account the comments and criticism it has received on the changes it made in Windows 11. Monthly upgrades like this or larger modifications like Android applications or improvements to the taskbar are being rolled out by Microsoft. Windows 11 for hybrid work will get a lot more attention during a Microsoft presentation on April 5th.

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