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See The Price And Specs Of Microsoft Surface Laptop 3



Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
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Microsoft’s newest business laptop, the New Surface Laptop 3, has just been unveiled. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is included, as is Bluetooth 5.0, as well as a USB Type-C port. It is powered by the latest 10th generation Intel Core processors. It’s a follow-up to the Surface Laptop 2 from last year.

Surface Laptop 3 Key Features

  • 13.5-inch and 15-inch PixelSense Touch Display
  • Quad-core 10th Gen Intel Core i5 or Core i7 (13.5-inch model) or AMD Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 (15-inch model)
  • Intel IRIS Plus Graphics (13.5-inch) or Up to AMD Radeonâ„¢ RX Vega 11 Graphics Microsoft Surface® Edition (15-inch)
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Up to 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Up to 1TB SSD
  • 1 x USB Type-A, 1 x USB Type C
  • 1x Surface Connect Port
  • 720p HD f2.0 camera
  • Omnisonic Speakers with Dolby® Audioâ„¢
  • Up to 11.5 Hours Battery Life (Typical Usage)


Incredible attention to detail went into the design of the Surface Laptop 3. The deck is made of Alcantara, but there is also a model with an aluminium deck available.

An aluminium body with a glass-covered screen and a hinge hold the screen to the base of this stylish laptop

Alcantara fabric on the deck, which houses the keyboard, also makes a significant design difference.

As a result, this laptop weighs 1.54 kilograms (339.5 pounds) and measures 13.4 inches (24 centimeters) wide by 9.6 inches (24 centimeters) deep.

Additionally, when the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is opened, the bezels on both sides, top and bottom are noticeably smaller than before.

The 720p HD f2.0 camera on the top bezel supports Windows Hello face authentication, making it a privacy-enhancing security feature.

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Similar to the deck, the keyboard and trackpad are located on the bottom. The keyboard’s large, bold, and sturdy keys make it suitable for both casual and professional use

There are fewer ports on this laptop than on the model from last year, but it has been upgraded in other ways.

There is no Mini DisplayPort or USB Type-A port, so you must thank the Surface Connect connector for access to the additional ports.


The Surface Laptop 3 offers two screen sizes, just like its predecessor. The 13.5-inch and 15-inch models are included.

The screen’s 2,496 x 1,664 resolution and 201-pixel-per-inch density are both carried over from the previous model’s 3:2 aspect ratio.

Its PixelSense display is named for its capacitive touch and stylus capabilities, just like on the laptop. Touch and pen input are supported on this display.

In addition, this laptop has a 10-point touch tracking system, which means that the screens can handle simultaneous touches from all fingers on both hands, allowing for a wide range of gestures and multi-touch controls.


According to screen size and storage capacity, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 has a different CPU than the Surface Laptop 2.

Interior components include Intel’s 10th Gen Ice Lake quad-core processors, either in Core i5 or Core i7 flavors, for the 13.5-inch Surface Laptop 3.

However, AMD processors are used in the 15-inch model. There are two CPU options in this model as well, just like the smaller one.

When it comes to mobile processors, AMD has two options for you: AMD RyzenTM 5 3580U and AMD RyzenTM 7 3780U, both with RadeonTM Vega 9 Graphics Microsoft Surface® Edition.

These laptops come with three different graphics cards for maximum performance. The Intel® IrisTM Plus Graphics card supports the 13.5-inch model.

The 15-inch laptop, on the other hand, comes standard with AMD RadeonTM Vega 9 Graphics Microsoft Surface® Edition and AMD RadeonTM RX Vega 11 Graphics Microsoft Surface® Edition for the higher model levels.

A 1TB SSD card and 16GB of RAM are both available on the Surface Laptop 3, ensuring plenty of memory and storage for most users.

For the best possible user experience, these laptops come pre-installed with the Windows 10 operating system.

Other Features

On-the-fly data encryption is possible thanks to the TPM 2.0 chip in the Surface Laptop 3’s SSD controller.

These laptops also include Omnisonic Speakers. There is a Dolby Atmos sound system as well as stereo speakers with a high dynamic range.

In addition, the laptop’s battery can last for up to 11.5 hours under normal conditions.

Wi-Fi 6: 802.11ax wireless networking and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless features can now be used for perfect sharing and connectivity.

Surface Laptop 3 Price and Availability 

The base price of the Surface Laptop 3 is $999.99, but the price varies depending on the configuration.

In addition to the Microsoft official store, third-party e-commerce platforms such as Amazon also stock and sell this laptop.

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