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MTN To Give Out 25 Cars In GH₵10 Million Mega Promo



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In a GHC10 million MTN @25 Mega Promo, MTN Ghana will give away 25 Hyundai Sonata saloon automobiles over the next three months.

The customer incentive campaign, which is one of several reward packages MTN is offering as part of its 25th-anniversary celebrations, includes cash and other exciting rewards over the course of three months.

MTN has already offered all customers free on-net calls nicknamed “Good Morning Ghana” for the entire month of June, as well as some other enticing offers to users who have been with the telco since its start.

Maxwell Arthur, MTN’s Senior Specialist for Segment Marketing, informed journalists in a virtual press conference that the promotion is set up such that “at least one person from each of the country’s 16 regions will win at least one automobile.”

He explained that nine of the 25 automobiles will be available for people to win at random, regardless of where they live, while the remaining 16 would be purposefully allocated one to each of the 16 areas.

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Maxwell Arthur stated that five cars would be won in August, ten cars in September, and another ten cars in October during the three-month promotion period and that three cars would be available for random wins for each of the three months, with the remaining cars being allocated to regions in alphabetical order, beginning with Ahafo Region and ending with Volta Region.


According to him, each of MTN’s 21 million subscribers has a chance to win if they dial *156# and pick option 5 (MTN @25 Mega Promo). Participation is completely free.

According to the promo’s rules, every 1GP spent on the phone, SMS, data, VAS (value-added service), digital, and mobile money gives the consumer one point, however, customers who access MTN services through digital channels like as MyMTN, MTNPulse, and Ayoba receive additional value.

“When you use MTN services through digital channels, you get 10 points instead of simply one point for every pesewa spent,” he explained.

Customers will be encouraged to use digital channels as MTN strives to become a fully digital operator by 2023.

He further explained that customers can only get points with mobile money if they spend at least GHC100.


MTN has also built the promo’s mechanics such that both high-end and regular clients have an equal chance of winning the prizes.

Maxwell Arthur said that, in collaboration with reputed audit firm KPMG, MTN has devised a custom-made threshold of minimum points that each user must meet in order to be considered, based on their purchasing patterns over the previous three months.

So, during the last three months, the necessary threshold for high spenders has been greater than that for low spenders, implying that low spenders do not need to spend as much as high-end consumers to qualify.

He went on to say that the metric for qualification would be based on the percentage by which one exceeds their specific threshold; for example, if customer ‘A’ has a threshold of 10 points and is able to accumulate 20 points at the end of the month, he has crossed his threshold by 10 points, or 100%.

If customer ‘B’ has a 20-point barrier and collects 35 points at the end of the promotion, he has crossed his threshold by 15 points, or 75%.

Customer A will win the day despite the fact that 15 points is more than 10 points since he crossed his threshold by 100%, which is higher than customer B’s 75%.

Maxwell Arthur used the occasion to remind MTN customers that participation is free and that MTN will not charge them money to claim a reward, thus any calls demanding money or airtime for prizes should be reported to MTN via 1515.

He stated that winners would only be reached by phone at 0244300000 and that any other number used in connection with the promotion should be considered false.

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