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Netflix calls Squid Game its ‘biggest ever series at launch’



Netflix calls Squid Game its ‘biggest ever series at launch’
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Squid Game, Netflix’s extremely popular series, has become the company’s greatest title ever upon launch, the company announced Monday.

Hwang Dong-survival Hyuk’s thriller surpassed 111 million global accounts in its first 17 days on Netflix, according to the company’s Geeked account. Squid Game is also the first Netflix series to reach 100 million viewers in its first 28 days, according to a spokeswoman for The Verge. Netflix typically measures the performance of a title on its platform over a 28-day period.

The data provided to The Verge are based on the number of accounts that watched the series for at least two minutes, which is the company’s normal methodology for rating titles (though it has used additional measurements to track the success of titles in the past).

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Squid Game took Hwang Dong-hyuk more than ten years to complete.

It just took 17 days and 111 million global followers for the series to become our most popular ever at launch (and the first to surpass 100M when it premiered).

Squid Game, which debuted on Netflix on September 17th, has climbed to the top of the streaming service’s top 10 list in 94 countries, according to a company spokeswoman. In addition, the show has retained the top spot in the US for 21 days, breaking the previous record for a non-English language title.

Squid Game had earlier been declared as the first Korean game to top the charts in the United States.

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