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Samsung announces tiny and huge versions of one of its best TVs



Samsung announces tiny and huge versions of one of its best TVs
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Samsung has unveiled new sizes for some of its greatest TVs, providing customers more options whether they want a small or large flagship TV. Samsung has expanded its QN90A series of “Neo QLED” 4K TVs to include 43-inch and 98-inch models, as well as an 85-inch option for its The Frame TV. Samsung’s flagship panels, which employ Mini LED backlights to boost contrast and picture clarity, are used in the Neo QLED TVs. These flagship-class panels were previously limited to the 55- to 77-inch range, but they appear to be making their way into size classes that were previously designated for affordable TVs.

The prices for these TVs have yet to be disclosed by Samsung. The 50-inch QN90A costs $1,400 (with an MSRP of $1,500) right now, while the 85-inch variant costs $4,000, which is $1,000 cheaper than its original price. The 43-inch model is unlikely to cost more than the 50-inch model, while the 98-inch model is unlikely to cost less than the 85-inch one. The 75-inch Samsung The Frame costs $3,000 at MSRP, so the 85-inch version is likely to be more expensive.

Smaller TVs with flagship-level displays are becoming increasingly popular. LG revealed a 48-inch variant for its CX range in 2020, and it went much smaller this year, revealing a 42-inch model (though its release has reportedly been delayed). Gigabyte and Asus also sell TV-sized gaming monitors, with 43- and 48-inch displays, respectively. TV-sized monitors (or monitor-sized TVs) are ideal for individuals with large desks or small homes, as well as those who don’t want a TV to take up all of their living room space (and who, for some strange reason, don’t want to pay $100K for LG’s rollable TV).


Of course, some people like to go in a more maximalist route. If you thought the original 85-inch QN890A was too tiny, the new 98-inch model would be a good alternative to Samsung’s exorbitantly priced The Wall TV (we don’t know how much it’ll cost yet). There’s also a larger version of The Frame, which used to have a maximum size of 75 inches. While the new Frame isn’t as large as the new Neo QLED, it’s more aesthetically beautiful, since it appears to be a painting when not in use.

Whether you like smaller, larger, or midrange TVs, it’s great to see Samsung expanding the size possibilities for consumers who still want a good TV. The 43-inch Neo should be available in a few days, according to a Samsung spokeswoman, with the 98-inch Neo and 85-inch Frame following in a few weeks. We’ll keep an eye out because the company was unable to provide specific dates or rates.

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