Just In: Satechi’s new charger provides 165W to four ports

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Satechi has introduced a charger with some intriguing features: it has four USB-C connections that can simultaneously offer 165 watts of power, and it will cost $120. It can deliver 100W of power to a single device and can even do so while charging one or two more devices, depending on their power requirements.

That’s impressive, considering the 120W Anker brick we reviewed last month (which had four ports) couldn’t do the same – it could only charge at 60W / 30W / 20W, whereas the Satechi can charge at 100W / 30W / 30W. If you’re charging a few lighter-weight computers at once, it can offer 60W to two devices and 45W to the third. For example, a 13-inch MacBook Pro, a Chromebook, and a MacBook Air.

If you connect four devices, the 100W charging will disappear, and the output will drop to 60W / 45W / 30W / 30W. Still, for a device that, according to its spec sheet, weighs 12 ounces (or roughly 340 grams), that’s not bad. If you travel with a lot of USB-C gadgets, the Satechi could be a convenient method to charge them all at once without having to juggle numerous chargers and outlets.

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All of that power is amazing, but my favorite feature is the small stand that comes with it to keep it upright on a desk. It not only makes the charger more convenient to use as a home charging station, but it also gives it a cute tiny robot appearance (at least to my eyes). It may also aid with tedious tasks such as wire management, by keeping the detachable charging cable separate from the up to four USB-C cables protruding from the front.

The charger is currently available for preorder on Satechi’s website for $120, but until January 13th, you can save 20% by using the code “CES20,” bringing the price down to $96 before taxes and shipping. The US version is expected to arrive on January 14th, according to the product website.

Satechi sells a 66W three USB-C port charger for $55 if you don’t need quite as much power and portability. At CES, Anker unveiled a $79 100W charger featuring two USB-C connections and one USB-A port, touting it as the “world’s smallest 100W gallium nitride wall charger.”

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