Sideloading Android apps in Windows 11 might be easier thanks to Amazon

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Amazon is making improvements to the Amazon Appstore that may benefit Windows 11’s ability to sideload Android apps. The Android App Bundle, a new Android app standard that Google has been urging developers to use, will finally be supported in the store.

Google had previously stated that it was moving away from the APK file format, which Microsoft had previously verified could be used to sideload Android programs on Windows 11. This would have made it difficult to run programs that aren’t officially available in Amazon’s Appstore, but Amazon’s announcement gives us hope that this will not be the case.

Amazon said it is working with developers to offer the Android Software Bundle format for different app submissions in addition to the APK format. However, it does not appear to be something that will occur immediately. Updates on this will be released later this year, according to the business, which wants to make app submissions as straightforward and “friction-free” as possible for developers.

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Amazon, unlike Google, does not require the Android App Bundle format. Developers can continue to use APKs and submit their apps in the same manner as before. This should ensure that Windows 11 users will still be able to download and sideload a large choice of software.

“Amazon Appstore is working hard to accommodate the new format, which will give users benefits including lower app download sizes and on-demand downloads for features and assets. Customers will benefit from these enhancements since they will be able to download particular portions of an app in real-time as needed,” Amazon stated.

Microsoft has yet to release a version of Windows 11 that includes the Amazon App Store and Android app support. Since its first release, Microsoft has released three versions of Windows 11 for beta testing. The Start Menu, app previews in the Taskbar, and even a new Widget were all modified in these Windows 11 releases.

You can join up to be a Windows Insider and then enroll your device in the program if you want to try out Android apps in Windows 11. This will allow you to beta test Windows 11 before it is released to the full public this holiday season.

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