7 Years, Surfline’s Shift To Becoming Ghana’s Digital First Telecom Provider

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Surfline Communications, a locally owned telecommunications firm, will be celebrating its 7th anniversary in August. Surfline has continually repositioned its strategies to adapt to the competitive climate, despite severe competition in the internet data field.

Most businesses in Ghana have been pushed in the post-pandemic era to serve existing clients while also seeking innovative strategies to acquire new customers.

Companies around the world are changing how they connect and service their customers by implementing digital initiatives targeted at enhancing customer retention and removing barriers to new opportunities. During this pandemic age, Surfline’s digital transformation activities were critical to business survival.

Surfline implemented a work-from-home policy for its employees, allowing them to check-in and operate in a virtual environment. To maintain business continuity, Surfline successfully converted more than 70% of its operations workers to work-from-home arrangements, providing them with technology tools within 72 hours. Many people and firms are considering remote work, and roughly 30% of Surfline’s staff work remotely now. Surfline has discovered solutions that enable employees to collaborate on a daily basis, regardless of their location.

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Surfline created a digital strategy that identified and eliminated gaps from lead generation to complete a sale in order to be truly customer-centric and serve consumers efficiently. Surfline changed its customer engagement model with the support of corporate solutions as part of its digital strategy to help enhance network usage and retention. Surfline has been able to target clients based on their geographic area, as well as scale faster to avoid idleness, thanks to these techniques.

Surfline’s approach to consumers, partners, and employees has been influenced by emerging technologies. Surfline has kept up with the pandemic’s developments by employing the right technologies and processes that are critical to success. Surfline’s grasp of the current business environment – how customers use and interact with existing technologies – has become critical in determining what they require to become more efficient.

Surfline has become a driving force in becoming a digital-first organization due to its excellent integration of people, processes, and technology.

Surfline’s Background

Surfline Communications Limited, a Ghanaian-owned firm, began offering 4G LTE service in Ghana in 2014. The service, which is available in Accra, Tema, and Takoradi, provides a number of advantages to Ghanaian data users in need of a good connection, entertainment, and enjoyment.

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