Do You Know That T-Mobile Is Adding PIN Protection To Its Port-Out Process

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T-MOBILE: Adding a PIN to T-port-out Mobile’s process will add an additional layer of security, according to the company. Users will be required to obtain a six-digit PIN from T-app Mobile’s or website before attempting to change their number to a different provider, making it more difficult for bad actors to steal phone numbers in “SIM swapping” attacks, according to an internal document obtained by The T-Mo Report.

By adding an additional layer of security to protect customers from unauthorised porting, T-Mobile Media Relations confirmed that the company is “putting Number Transfer PINs in place.” In the near future, these PINs will be installed.

To begin with, the process will only be available to postpaid customers, not those who have been enrolled in the Lifeline program, according to T-Mo Report.

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Good to hear T-Mobile may be implementing this feature, as it could help prevent SIM-swapping attacks, in which scammers get their hands on the phone numbers of unsuspecting consumers. Verizon and AT&T have already implemented PINs for number transfer, as noted by Android Police. Because the number would remain on the same network, an attacker with a T-Mobile account and device would not have to go through the port-out process, but T-existing Mobile’s account takeover protection tools could benefit from the PIN requirement.

SIM swap or porting-out attacks appear to be increasingly popular among cybercriminals, and have been implicated in high-profile hacks like that of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Many two-factor codes are still sent via SMS, which makes it difficult for a victim to realize they’ve been attacked and take action to remedy the situation. If you suspect that your SIM has been swapped, the FCC advises that you contact your cell carrier immediately. However, this can be difficult if your phone is no longer functional.

Recent data breaches and cybersecurity incidents have tarnished T-good Mobile’s name in the cybersecurity community. More than half a billion people were affected by one in August 2021.

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