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TikTok is banning misgendering, deadnaming, and content promoting disordered eating



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TikTok is changing its community guidelines and introducing new features that the firm claims would benefit its users’ well-being. Some of the policy changes target content that has already gotten the company into trouble, such as videos that critics claim celebrate eating disorders and deadly viral challenges.

The company stated today that it would begin eliminating films that promote disordered eating behaviours such as fasting for brief periods of time and overexercising. Although eating disorder-promoting content is already prohibited on the network, news reports have frequently revealed that users are exposed to videos depicting dangerous eating habits. Senators challenged TikTok representatives during a congressional hearing in October to do more to protect underage users.

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Media behemoth have expressed concern about the platform’s deadly challenges and scams. TikTok said it will broadcast a series of videos made with creators to assist users judge content they come across, in addition to giving more clarity to the online challenges policy. According to the corporation, videos will display in the #SaferTogether hub on the Discover page.

According to a TikTok transparency report released today, over 91 million videos were removed for content violations in the third quarter of 2021, accounting for over 1% of all videos uploaded.

We utilize a combination of technology and people to identify and delete violations of our Community Guidelines,” the firm writes in its announcement. “We will continue to train our automated systems and safety staff to respect our policies.”

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