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Top 3 free messaging apps that you can download from HUAWEI AppGallery right now!



Top 3 free messaging apps that you can download from HUAWEI AppGallery right now!
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HUAWEI: Are you an expert at social messaging and looking for the greatest free alternatives to use? Don’t waste any more time searching. The top-performing messaging apps on the HUAWEI AppGallery right now are listed below.

Botim, Imo, and ToTok have risen to the top three most downloaded apps in HUAWEI AppGallery’s “Communication” category, based on the biggest number of downloads across the Middle East and African (MEA) area.


BOTIM (Unblocked Video Call and Voice Call) is a free global calling and messaging program available to anybody. It brings family and friends closer than ever before, and it allows BOTIM users to make video and voice calls. You may also exchange text messages, images, and short videos with the app!


imo is a global instant messaging platform that seeks to connect people in the most convenient, dynamic, and enjoyable way possible. Imo links approximately 200 million users in 62 languages, across more than 150 countries, through accessible voice and video conversation services, rich multi-media content, and additional features such as games.


ToTok (free HD video calls and audio chats) is a free calling and messaging app that is fast and safe. ToTok offers free phone and video calling, allowing you to stay in touch with family and friends from anywhere at any time.

HUAWEI AppGallery, Huawei’s third-largest global app distribution network, offers over 96,000 apps across all categories and allows customers to utilize them easily while maintaining strict privacy and security.

HalloApp is a private ad-free social network from two early WhatsApp employeesREAD ALSO:

In reality, to isolate and secure users’ sensitive data and privacy, HUAWEI AppGallery employs the highest level of verification. Personal data will never be processed outside of the Huawei device, allowing the user complete control over their information. Furthermore, Huawei EMUI services, which come standard on Huawei handsets, give customers complete control over app permissions.

Popular messaging apps like Botim, imo, and ToTok are fully integrated into the Huawei Mobile Service, allowing for a more seamless and enjoyable user experience. This demonstrates Huawei’s dedication to expanding its app portfolio in order to give users with innovative and high-quality apps that match their demands and improve their overall user experience.

AppGallery by HUAWEI

AppGallery is a smart and innovative environment that enables developers to provide users with unique experiences. Our proprietary HMS Core enables apps to be linked across several devices, resulting in more convenience and a more seamless experience – and this is part of Huawei’s larger 1+8+N strategy.

Our goal with the HUAWEI AppGallery is to provide an open, innovative software distribution platform that is accessible to consumers while also protecting their privacy and security while giving a unique and intelligent experience. HUAWEI AppGallery, one of the top three app markets in the world, offers a diverse range of global and local apps in 18 categories, including navigation and transportation, news, social networking, and more.

HUAWEI AppGallery is available in over 170 countries and regions around the world, with 500 million monthly active users, and includes popular apps and services from Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and other locations. HUAWEI AppGallery had 184 billion downloads in the first half of 2020.

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