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Top 4 Announcements At WWDC 2018!



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This year’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference was kicked off with Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage saying “Today is all about software,”  and yeah indeed it was all about software. Some great cool features and updates they’ve been working on and new things to come. But in case you missed the live stream, don’t worry Im gonna tell what was announced, well not all but at least what i found interesting. So yeah, let’s dive into it:


Apple started by assuring us that we will be seeing an up to their mobile Os later this year and apple devices running iOS11 will get a free update when its available. Plus this update is going to improve performance for these devices especially older devices  and if you ask me that’s really cool.


macOS Update

Huge improvement were added to the macOS to make it more easier to use yet very productive with great performance. And this time it comes with a dark mode feature. If you are one of those Mac users with a messy desktops, Apple is giving you “stack” mode. Here files of the same type will be put on top of each other. Apple News is also being added to the macOS as well as Voice Memos and the ability to control smart home products from your Mac. And Oh they changed the name again. This time they calling it “macOS Mojave” . And for those who have kinda hoping for a merge of the macOS and the iOs, well the answer is “No,” Federighi says. “Of course not.” But Apple is launching a multi-year project that would allow iOS apps to run on Macs.


WatchOS 5

The watchOS is  also getting some of the same updates as iOS 12, including Siri suggestions. And Siri can now be activated just byraising your wrist towards your face and you can now to pay for items with Apple Pay straight from the notifications screen. another cool new feature in watchOS 5 will let you talk to Apple Watch-owning friends in walkie-talkie mode. Simply tap, record a message and send it to your friend.


there were no really huge announcements in this section but the company made mention that its streaming platform would be certified by Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos soon enough. In addition, there will be more 4K HDR content available. Apple also demonstrated some new screensavers for TVs. Those with tvOS won’t have to remember their passwords anymore, AutoFill from iPhone and iPad will automatically let people login to apps they already use. An Apple TV Remote control is being added to iPhone and iPad apps.

One More Thing…

Apple continues to open Siri, to developer apps, adding new features in the process. A new developer tool called “Shortcuts” will let app developers add more personalized cues to Siri — and users can create their own Siri workflows via a new Shortcuts app. For example, you can create a “Heading home” Shortcut that pulls up your GPS directions, sets your home thermostat, alerts someone you’re headed home via iMessage and even sets your iPhone to the NPR app. Shortcuts looks potentially very powerful if enough developers support it.

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