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Twitter Starts Launching Ticketed Spaces For Some iOS Users



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Ticketed Spaces, or paid live audio rooms, are being rolled out by Twitter. The business said it’s “experimenting” with the feature for some iOS customers yesterday. It originally released applications to test the product in June, with the goal of eventually making it available to all iOS and Android customers who are interested.

Twitter wrote in its announcement yesterday, “Know it’s taking us a little time, but we want to get this right for you.”

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Hosts can charge anywhere from $1 to $999 for their ticketed rooms, as well as set a room size limit. After Apple and Google levy a fee for in-app sales, these test group participants will keep 97 per cent of their earnings. However, if a person earns a total of $50,000 on Twitter, Twitter will boost its cut from 3% to 20%.

When the feature becomes more widely available, the charge will likewise rise. In a May preview of the function, Twitter stated that after app store costs, hosts would keep 80% of their revenue.

In the months since Twitter introduced and debuted Ticketed Spaces, the company has also changed how people may find them; they now appear at the top of the mobile Twitter app for some users if someone they follow is only listening to a space. They used to be required to host. (Through the options menu, you can conceal this activity from your own account.) It also upgraded its API, making it possible for third-party apps to direct consumers to Spaces.

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