What We Expect from Apple’s September 12 Event

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The Event where Apple is expected to launch the new, bezel-less iPhone is near and  however, that’s not the only thing Apple is expected to launch on that day. Here’s what to expect when Apple takes the stage at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park:

1. iPhone 8/Pro/X/Edition: 

Whatever the Cupertino giant chooses to call it, the iPhone 8 is definitely launching. Apple is expected to show off the bezel-less design, wireless charging, and the 3D facial recognition. Apple might also talk  about more courage while explaining the lack of a home button.

2. iPhone 7s and 7s Plus:

The iterative updates to last year’s iPhones are definitely coming as well. Expect better internals, and minor changes here and there. Probably a better dual camera.

3. Apple Watch

The Series 3 Apple Watch could come with 4G-LTE support, but rumours are suggesting that Apple is having issues implementing 4G LTE support in the form factor it’d like, so it might just be another Apple Watch (Nike partnerships might make an appearance as well).

4. Apple TV with 4K HDR Support

Another almost confirmed appearance at the event is the new Apple TV. The company is expected to finally upgrade the Apple TV to support 4K HDR content – a claim supported by the fact that iTunes purchase history now shows “4K HDR” next to supported content

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