WhatsApp can now preview voice messages before sending them

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WhatsApp has added a voice message preview option, allowing you to see if your ramblings make any sense before sending them to others. The functionality, which is owned by Meta, has been gradually rolling out in recent weeks and is now available on all platforms, including iOS, Android, web, and desktop.

The opportunity to preview a voice message displays after you touch the stop button to end a recording, according to a help page for the service. The triangular play icon may then be used to preview it, the trash can icon can be used to remove it, and the send button can be used to transmit it.

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Audio previews are part of a flurry of new enhancements to WhatsApp’s voice message feature that have either been published or are rumored to be in the works. The service added the ability to modify the playback speed of voice notes when listening earlier this year (ideal for swiftly getting through long and meandering messages), now WABetaInfo claims that pause and restart recording of a voice message will be available soon. We were able to confirm that the latter feature is accessible in WhatsApp’s iOS beta version.

However, more intriguing features may be on the way. WhatsApp announced in September that it was in the early stages of creating a new speech transcription tool that would allow you to read a voice message instead of listening to it. WABetaInfo then announced in October that it had discovered evidence of a “global voice message player” function that would allow users to listen to voice notes while browsing other WhatsApp chats.

There’s no word on when (or even if, in certain circumstances) WhatsApp will implement these new voice message functionalities. However, the ability to listen to a voice note before transmitting it is a promising first step.

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