Whatsapp is making voice notes better with new feature

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According to reports, WhatsApp is working on a new voice notes feature that would allow users to halt a voice message recording while it is being recorded. The feature will be rolled out in a future release of WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android, according to WABetainfo. You can pause and continue recording a voice note after the update, eliminating the need to record another message or send the one you may have to interrupt.

 You can only listen to the voice message you recorded before sending it at the moment. It is unclear when the new function will be available to all users, as it is currently only available to public beta testers.

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The business appears to be working on a complete overhaul of the app’s audio interface. According to a rumor published by 9to5Mac last week, WhatsApp is also working on a global voice message player. The rumored feature will allow you to listen to an audio message even after exiting the discussion, allowing you to hear the voice note while answering to another person.

Both of the above features are still in the works and are not yet available to public beta testers.

WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature called Disappearing Messages. New messages sent in the individual or group chat will be deleted after 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days if enabled.

All messages in the conversation are controlled by the most recent selection. This option will have no effect on messages you’ve sent or received in the conversation. In a private chat, each person can enable or disable disappearing messages. Any group member can enable or disable vanishing messages in a group chat. A group admin, on the other hand, can adjust the group settings to allow only admins to turn off or on disappearing messages.

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