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Windows 11 just took dark mode to the next level



Windows 11 just took dark mode to the next level
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Users of Windows 11 have noted that the light and dark settings of the new operating system feature different notification noises.

In a reply to BleepingComputer, Microsoft verified the observation, adding that the alert noises played in dark mode are intentionally calmer and gentler than when the PC is in light mode.

Microsoft recently revealed that the soundscape of Windows 11 in dark mode has been changed to a more subdued profile with the goal of “making technology tranquil.” When compared to the alarm sounds on Windows 10 and the light mode on Windows 11, the system noises in dark mode are calmer and softer, with a “far rounder wavelength.”

“Windows 10 sounds were crisp, physically made with acute wavelengths,” according to the company. We concentrated on making technology more tranquil with Windows 11. To do so, we needed to rethink our soundscape and make it more relaxing.” Dark mode noises have been muffled and limited, while light mode sounds have been crisped and loudened. The new noises have a considerable rounder wavelength, making them softer so that they may still alert/notify you without being overbearing, according to the business.

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If the business believes the softer noises are more peaceful, you could wonder why they didn’t apply them to both light and dark settings. “We introduced light and dark sound choices so that folks with low visibility or no eyesight can still enjoy light and dark themes audibly,” Microsoft said. Themed sounds help you work more efficiently by matching your working style. Dark noises assist you to stay focused, whereas light sounds keep you engaged.”

Whatever the underlying cause for the move may be, the company’s strategy is sound. Sharp and loud sounds have a more relaxing effect than softer sounds.

Like on Windows 10, you can find the light mode sounds in the C: WindowsMedia folder. You must look in the new C: WindowsMediadm folder to obtain the dark mode sounds.

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