You can now apply for a job through TikTok

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TikTok is beta-testing a job application platform that allows users to apply for jobs at Chipotle, Target, and Shopify using video resumes.

TikTok Resumes is a short-term experimental program inspired by content that has spontaneously appeared on the network, such as #CareerTok, and the company’s purposeful efforts to influence college students and younger users. For the pilot, which runs until July 31, more than 30 companies have signed up to receive resumes.

Users will be required to build a video resume, upload it to TikTok, and then send it to recruiters via the app.

Applicants should not include personal contact information such as their email address in the publicly available film, according to an instructional video for the pilot program.

Some of the current job openings include creating TikTok content, implying that more brands will embrace the platform with already experienced content creators.

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For example, Alo Yoga is using TikTok Resumes to hire a social media manager who will design a TikTok strategy for the company and collaborate with influencers. Others are searching for hosts and video producers who can work across numerous platforms, such as a video producer position with the Detroit Pistons or an on-camera host position with Allrecipes.

Target, Chipotle, Sweetgreen, and Great Clips are among the companies using the platform to fill entry- and mid-level positions in stores and warehouses, with some full-time and corporate positions thrown in for good measure. During the trial, Shopify is looking to recruit a senior data engineer.

You can also apply to be a WWE superstar if you are really powerful.

While the pilot is only temporary, it demonstrates how TikTok is thinking about educating and establishing a professional content producer ecosystem to expand its reach. It’s a simple method to connect companies eager to capitalize on Generation Z with talented and prominent creators looking for full-time work.

From July 7 until July 31, TikTok Resumes will be accepting applications. TikTok is also handing out three-minute films for people with a long résumé.

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