5 Mobile Apps You Can Use To Learn How To Code!

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If you have always wanted to learn how to code or it’s just part of your new year resolution, well in this article I would be giving you 5 apps you can use to learn how to code on your phone. Yes, you read right you can learn with these apps when you are stuck in traffic or just to pass time while you wait for someone.

Sololearn is an app you can get on both iOS and Android devices and you can also use their web app so you can learn with their service anywhere you find yourself.
Encode is an android app that offers lessons in programming in bite-sized portions. It has practical examples and teachers how to program in languages like JavaScript, CSS, and Python.
Codemurai also offers hundreds of lessons created by experts on web development, mobile app, and game development. You will learn programming through fun coding challenges and then have the ability to test your knowledge with a lot of quizzes
Grasshopper: helps you learn JavaScript puzzles. There are both iOS and Android versions of this app and in addition, you get real-time feedback and unlock achievements as you become more experienced
Programming hero: is an Android app that gives you personalized paths toward mastering coding. It makes efforts to make coding fun and it does this by teaching you how to build your own game while learning how to code at the same time. It also has forums where you can chat with other users and share tips
What do you think about these apps? Do you think it can actually be useful to you? Tell me in the comments section

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