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Should You Use Dark Mode? Is It Safe



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One of the most requested or popular features amongst most people today is Dark mode. From operating systems to apps and from laptops to smartphones, most of the products we use these days has some variation of dark mode implemented. If you are someone who is still not using Dark mode on your phone or in apps, in this article we would look at why it is actually beneficial to use.
The bright screens on our phones can mostly cause eye strain during night use and also drain our phone’s battery with general use. With dark mode, there’s a decrease in the amount of strain caused to the eye and also helps save the battery life of your phone. This is more effective if your phone uses OLED or AMOLED display panels.

Another benefit of using dark mode is you get less blue light emitted by your phone display. Makes reading on your phone or dark themed pages more visible or readable. And aside from the overall benefits it also generally looks good. It also reduces flicker on your screen that is if you have that issue.
However, with all the benefits mentioned above, that comes with Dark mode, it actually has some negative sides. For instance, when you have your phone in the dark mode and you are in a well-lit room or in direct sunlight, you may suffer a bit. This could even make reading text on a dark background challenging. This is why most apps have an auto sunrise and sunset setting.
These are some pros and cons of using the dark mode on your phone or laptop. Do you use dark mode on your phone? Do you have any tips? Tell us in the comment section below.

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