Disney plus streaming services and what you need to know

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CEO Bob Iger of Disney officially announced it launch streaming services on 12th of November 2019 rivaling Netflix and such others. Disney plus is taking under its wings, Hulu where more adult rated movies and series will be aired and ESPN to favor the lovers of sports.

Initially Disney was in partnership with Netflix to air its thrilling series and movies but before the end of 2019, all these contracts are not going to be renewed since they are starting their own streaming service for $7 a monthly undercutting the $13 you would have had to pay for Netflix.

Disney plus is going to provide an avenue for streaming all Disney subsidiaries like Pixar , Marvel, Universal pictures and The Star Wars .

It’ll also integrate programming of all thirty seasons of the Simpsons movie, the Sound of Music, the Princess Bride and the premiering of the most loved Disney princess story, Frozen 2 on the 22nd of November 2019. The most exciting movie of all time,Star wars IX will also be premiered on 20th December and will also be available for streaming on Disney plus there after.

Consequently, Disney plus is an exciting package most movie lovers are anticipating and will pose as a threat to other streaming services.

As bonus,Disney is promising to bundle Disney plus with Hulu and ESPN plus offering a discount if you subscribe to two or three of its streaming options.

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