Five Apps You Should Try!

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There are a ton of apps out there, most of them are useful and some of them not soo useful but today I’m going to mention some 5 apps I feel are underrated and you should totally check out. My list is in no order so let’s start😉…

Adobe Spark Post

Well when it comes to this app I have two things to say.1 it saddens me that I didn’t find this app early enough and 2 I can not stress enough on how cool and very useful this app is, because with this app you don’t have to be an experienced graphic designer to be able to create a really nice and cool looking poster. You can use it for a lot of things and even I use it to create thumbnails for my channel and even the cover image for this post. And oh there are a lot of templates you can choose from.

Links: Andriod/iOs


This one is a very basic photo editor but can be used to archive some pretty complicated edits. With this app, you can do some basic edits like color correction, add a blur effect to a photo and many other amazing things.

Links: Andriod/iOs

Files By Google

This is a simple file manager but what makes this a bit more special is it has this feature that is constantly looking for ways to help you save more space on your phone and oh it has a file transfer feature. And if you feel the size might be too big for you they have a lighter version called FilesGo.

LInk: Android


Ever want to share a video on your Instagram story or in my case whats app status but then it’s a 1min+ video and you don’t want to go through the pain of having to mark it in the app cos it limits the duration? Well, that’s what this app is for, it divides the video into the bits you want so you can post it.

Links: Andriod/iOs


You know how annoying it is when you buy data and you realize some filthy background app is leeching off your hard earned money? Well, Datally is an app that helps you to regulate your data usage and helps you find strong wifi networks.

Link: Android

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