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Kobo360 Launches in Ghana



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Kobo360, a tech-enabled logistics platform, is making its way into the Ghanaian market. Kobo360 arrives with the aim to continue it’s unprecedented disruption of the $150 billion logistics industry in Africa which still relies on telephones, opaque pricing and a marketplace fraught with expensive middlemen.

Kobo360 accomplishes this objective by connecting the supply of trucks with the demand of transport services by freight/cargo owners.

The main aim of Kobo360 is to build the Global Logistics Operating System which will power trade and commerce across Africa and other emerging markets.

Kobo360 helps cargo owners and recipients as well as truck owners and drivers to achieve an excellent supply chain framework by ensuring a safer, reliable and more affordable end-to-end haulage aggregation.

Utilizing its all-in-one logistics platform, Kobo360 is able to use data and technology to match a user’s request with a selection of quality trucks, as well as ensuring anytime delivery.

In March of 2019, Kobo360 launched operation in Lome, Togo, which houses the largest shipping port in West Africa, handling six million tonnes of annual traffic.

To-date, Kobo360 has successfully moved over 297 Kilograms of goods, serviced over 1,463 business and accrued a fleet of over 10,000 trucks. DHL, Lafarge and Flour Mills of Nigeria are just three of the notable companies powered by the Kobo360 platform, making this a largely successful and innovative platform.

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