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MTN Ghana Introduces 4 Million New Numbers



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MTN Ghana adds 4 million new phone numbers. MTN has announced the addition of new number blocks beginning with 025 and 059 network codes as it celebrates 25 years of business in Ghana.

MTN was given new blocks by the industry regulator, the National Communications Authority (NCA).

MTN launched the 059 (0-6) number block a while ago, however it has since expanded to include the 059-7, 059-8, and 059-9 number blocks, as well as the 025-6 and 025-7 number blocks.

Meanwhile, Surfline was assigned 200,000 numbers in the 025-5 block of numbers for 4G internet services years ago.

Each of the number blocks issued to MTN has at least a million numbers, ranging from 000000 to 999999, according to TechChale. For example, the 0256000000 to 0256999999, as well as the 0257, 0598, and 0599, are all valid. That’s a total of five million more numbers.

MTN Ghana‘s Chief Corporate Services Officer, Sam Koranteng, stated that the provision of the additional block of numbers and network codes will assist consumers in meeting their needs for numbers for personal usage, companies, mobile money, and other digital devices.

According to him, the new number block will also assist MTN Ghana in optimizing its services by providing high-quality data, voice, and mobile money.

“We are excited about these new blocks of numbers because they will make it easier to realize our philosophy that everyone deserves the benefit of a modern connected existence, which begins with having access to a SIM card that links you to the network,” he said.

Customers getting these new numbers, according to Sam Koranteng, should make sure they register their sims with appropriate documents, as required by law.

Abubakar MohammedMTN’s Acting Chief Sales and Distribution Officer, further stated that the new numbers are accessible at all MTN Service Centers and Connect Shops across the country.


Customers will benefit from the Dynamic Numbering Service, in which the system provides a list of random numbers from which the user can select their desired number, he assured.

Users should call the block of numbers in the same way they call the old numbers, with the exception that for international calls, customers must include the country code – +233 as usual – for example, +233 25 7000000.

Customers should also be aware that MTN Ghana’s official phone number remains 0244300000, and as a result, they should be wary of fraudsters and scammers who may try to take advantage of the new network codes to commit fraud.

MTN’s toll-free number is 100, and the company’s digital outlets include Twitter (@MTNGhana/@AskMTNGhana) and Facebook (MTNGhana). 0554300000 and 0555300000 are WhatsApp numbers. Customers can also send emails to or use the MyMTN App.

MTN Ghana is the telecommunications and digital market leader in Ghana, with 23.4 million voice subscribers and a 56.48 percent market share as of March 2021. MTN has 15,615,040 mobile data subscriptions at the end of March 2021, accounting for 68.49% of the market.

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