Possible Recovery Mode For VR Headsets

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The whispers in the darkest, and not so dark, corners of the tech-specific part of the internet are emerging reports that tech giant Google may be working on a “recovery” mode for standalone VR headsets.

Now, this may not sound like much or anything to get excited but, it is. The much celebrated “recovery” mode was highly popular on earlier versions of Android and the reason why it received much attention and praise was the ease with which it afforded programmers, and even unskilled users, to simply flash a new software onto their device in the case that there is a software crash or maybe just when they feel like.

This mode possibly coming into Virtual Reality is very exciting because it will not only afford VR users to easily flash custom ROM onto their Android VR headsets but it’ll also help pave the way for more software to be developed for the VR platform.

The future is almost upon us.

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