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Recently Discovered Mac Malware has been Operational for Several Years



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We all know or think that Apple’s operating systems (Mac and the iOS) is the most secured operating system in the world. But recent research discovery made it known that it’s not true

Recently Discovered Mac Malware has been Operational for Several Years

A researcher with the security firm Synack has discovered a sneaky malware which has been infecting Macs for at least five years. The malicious surveillance program, dubbed Fruitfly, captures screenshots, keystrokes, webcam images and other information from infected devices.
The malware has remained undetected for quite a long time and has infected a large number of Macs around the world. It has remained undetected by both macOS and commercial antivirus software.
The method of infection remains unknown, but it is believed that attackers trick users into clicking on malicious links. The researcher said, “A lot of Mac users are overconfident in the security of their Mac…[The discovery] just goes to reiterate to everyday users that there are perhaps people out there trying to hack their computers.”
After its discovery, 19 of the top 56 antivirus and endpoint-protection software have updated their database and are now able to detect the malware.

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