Some 5 Cool Features Of Android O!

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Recent leaks suggest that the official launch of Google’s latest OS, Android O, is right around the corner. A lot about the upcoming OS has been revealed in the several developer previews released since it was officially announced at the Google I/O.
Here are the top 5 most useful features you should look out for in the next iteration of the Android OS:
  • Notification dots: This new feature will add notification dots to app icons and users will be able to long press on the icon to access the notifications.
  • Picture in picture mode: Multi-tasking on Android O will be easier with the picture in picture mode, which will let you use one application in a small window while you perform other tasks on your smartphone.
  • Wise limits: Android O will greatly improve battery life because of Wise Limits, which will place restrictions on unnecessary background apps.
  • Copy less: This machine learning and computer vision powered feature will make copying and pasting text on Android O much easier.
  • Notification channels: With Android O users will be able to individually control notifications from various apps and choose which notifications are delivered and also how they are delivered.

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