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With the increase of internet speed, we have people consuming more content online than ever. We listen to music, play games online and even watch movies online. In this article, we would be looking at some great services you can really get movies or short format videos to enjoy to kill boredom. With these services some of them you would need a VPN to make it work depending on your location.



YouTube: this is by far the most popular platform on this list. The app comes preinstalled on most Android devices. It has a ton of short fun videos and some movies. Even though it has a lot of features in the free mode it also has some paid features and also you would need VPN to get some more free features

Netflix: This is also popular when it comes to streaming services. They have a lot of original content some a ton of popular movies. It a paid service though. Their prices start from $8.99 for a basic account all the way up to $15.99 for a premium account. They have shows like Stranger Things and The Witcher.

Disney Plus: This service came around somewhere last year and as the name implies its owned by Disney. The advantage here is you will get access to most or even all marvel content both old and new. And some other content from Disney owned companies. It cost just $6.99 per month or $69 per year. For the amount of content, you will be getting, it seems worth it.

Amazon Prime Video: For most people, Amazon is known as just an online retail shop, but for some time now they have had their own streaming service and just like Netflix they have been making efforts to produce more original content so they would stand out. They have shows like The Boys and The American Gods. You’d have to be an Amazon Prime member to enjoy this service.

Apple TV Plus: The advantage here is if you buy a new Apple product from when the Tv service was launched, you would get a full year of free Apple TV+ content. After that, it’s going to be $5 per month or $50. Aside from having a very nice and easy to use interface, you have another advantage if you use other Apple devices since you can start off on one and continue on the other.

These are some of my recommendations, tell me which one you would try or have tried in the comment section below.




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