The New Google App Is Powered By Machine Leaning!

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The Google app’s latest update brings machine learning into the equation to give users a customized and feature filled news feed. Along with the cards personalized according to the user’s searches and interests, the feed will now show trending news in the users area and globally.

Users will also have the option to follow a topic right from the search results. A new ‘Follow’ button will appear next to search results of things like movies, sports teams, bands, etc. and users will get updates for the followed topics in their feed.

In order to counter news bias, the feed on the Google app will now list a variety of sources for the same story below the main article. This will offer users a chance to read the same story from different viewpoints and it will also help Google fight fake news on the internet.

Lastly, the Google app now also has a feature which will enable users to easily search for topics that appear in their feed. Users can simply tap on the header of a card and Google will display search results of the exact phrase in the article.

Google is initially rolling out the new features on both Android and iOS in the US, with a global release scheduled for the coming weeks.

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